Aaaaaaaand I can’t breathe.


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Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. - Rumi (via everything-bass)

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The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves. - Alan Watts (via fleurlungs)

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idk man it just makes me so so so sad when you’re watching a cutiepie talk about their passion like when they light up and start bubbling over with words and then all of a sudden they stop themselves and say stuff like “sorry, i know this is boring” or “sorry i just got excited”

like you know somewhere in their life someone they respected told them “shut up nobody cares” and ever since they can’t talk about their favorite things without apologizing every 5 seconds

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shout out to everybody who has school soon

i believe in you

you will be excellent this year

and if you’re not that’s ok too it doesn’t mean you’re not smart

just remember to take care of yourself because your mental health is more important than your grades ok?

group hug ily all

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If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness. - A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during WWII by a Jewish prisoner.  (via ieula)

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